dinsdag 23 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 154

And it's time for another Yureka release! With chapter 154 we've ended volume 25, and it's time to move on to volume 26 =). For volumes 26 and up we'll use french raws again instead of the korean ones used in 25. Credits go (again) to Tsin, Namorax and dokko, so drop by the mangafox forums and tell em how much you love em!

We've also corrected some mistakes in chapters 150, 151 and 152, so download the v2's below to get the corrected ones. Ehh...the next chapter (155) will prolly be released somewhere next week, so look forward to it =)

Enjoy the chapter!

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 154
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 154

Corrected chapters:

zondag 21 maart 2010

Variante Chapter 19 (end)

We're finished! With chapter 19 we've reached the last chapter of this great piece of art *sob, sob*. Wish we had more Variante...sigh...why did this series have to end so soon... This final chapter was a pretty nice one though. It made me feel satisfied and it gave me a comfy warm feeling inside =)

But well...with this last chapter, my side project has also ended. Since i'm starting the Yureka HQ releases pretty soon, I'm not sure when I can start a new side project, but drop by every now and then and I'll keep you updated about that.

Enjoy this great final chapter, and thanks for reading!

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zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 153

And here's the 2nd release of today, Yureka chapter 153 is done! Chapter 154 will be done somewhere next week, and it'll also be the last chapter of volume 25. Volume 26 has already been scanned by CFW, so we will continue with that one right away =)

Credits of this whole volume go mostly to dokko-tak (our friend from A-Team, who did an awesome job on the korean --> english translations), Tsin0125 (who did all the cleaning and typsetting of this volume) and Namorax (proofing/quality checks). I did nothing but drink beer and post the chapters, maybe I'm getting lazy huh =o

Anyway, since prolly noone is gonna read this, i'll just stop here and say: enjoy!

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 153
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 153

Variante Chapter 18

Chapter 18 of this great manga is finished. It was a pretty good chapter, a very good chapter indeed, but damn sad one for Aiko =(
Chapter 19 will be released tomorrow, March 21. Since I started this little side-project on January 21, it has taken me exactly 2 months to finish, not that bad I guess ^_^

Anyways, look forward to the final chapter tomorrow, and enjoy this chapter for now!

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woensdag 17 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 152

Yureka chapter 152 is done! Not sure if there'll be another chapter this week, guess you'll just have to wait and hope ^^
Variante...I got kinda lazy and didn't feel like finishing the chapters last weekend...expect them by the end of this week though.

Anyways, enjoy your weekly Yureka chapter =)

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 152
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 152v2

edit: v2 uploaded that corrects some errors.

vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 151

Chapter 151 is done! Special thanks to Tsin, dokko-tak and Namorax, who're doing most of the work on this volume. The next chapter will probably be released around next thursday. Variante 18 & 19 could be done by sunday.

Anyways, enjoy your Yureka fix!

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 151
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 151v2

edit: v2 uploaded that corrects some errors.

woensdag 10 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 150

Chapter 150 is done, 151 on it's way in the next couple of days(hopefully). I hope the last 2 Variante chapters will be finished by sunday. Anyways I'm kinda short on time, so that's about it =p


Read Online: Yureka Chapter 150
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 150v2

edit: v2 uploaded that corrects some errors.

woensdag 3 maart 2010

Variante Chapters 16 & 17

I was thinking of releasing the last 4 chapters in a batch...but then again, usually when i’m reading a manga I wanna continue reading asap, so i’ll just release the chapters that’re done atm. I present to you: Variante chapters 16 & 17!

Also, my scanner is away for repairs, and I thought i’d scanned everything in vol 4, but seems like i missed 2 pages in chapter 17, so i took some online raws and edited them in for now (so you all could continue reading), but expect a v2 when my scanner’s back.


Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan

Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan

dinsdag 2 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 149

Chapter 149's done, 150 on it's way. This chapter starts the releases of volume 25, and since Dokko-tak already provided us with the translations for the whole volume, you can prolly expect it to be released a little bit faster than normally.
The raws used are crappy web raws...it was either this or nothing, so live with it. Volumes 26 and up should be our own raws, so expect some better quality when we're there ^^.

A little status update on Variante..I'll try to have the last 4 chapters done by the end of the week. I'll continue with HayatexBlade volume 5 when I've finished Variante.

Anyways, enjoy the chapter!

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 149
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 149