vrijdag 28 mei 2010

HayatexBlade RAWs

We all used to get our HayatexBlade RAWs from Mangahelpers or Raw-Paradise, but as most of you already know, Mangahelpers removed the RAWs and Raw-Paradise is dead. With those 2 sites out of the picture there isn't really a place anymore where all the HxB RAWs are together, or where new chapters get updated.

Since I think there should be a place where you can easily get old and new HxB RAWs, I've decided to start uploading all the RAWs to my mediafire account. Below I will put a release log with the latest 3 chapters i added to the mediafire account. I'll update the release log whenever I upload a new chapter to the account.

For those wondering why the chapter numbering is so strange, let me explain. After chapter 52 was released the series moved to another magazine (because the publisher changed from Media Works to Shueisha). The new magazine started the chapter numbering at 1, while it was actually chapter 53 in the entire series. The latest chapter released atm, chapter 22, is actually chapter 74 of the entire series. To keep it a little more clear I'll put both the new chapter number and the old chapter number in the file names.

If a link stops working, you can send me a mail at vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com and i'll re-upload the chapter asap.

[Download RAWs]
Hayate X Blade RAW's [Chapters 1-101]

[Release Log]
- [RAW] Hayate X Blade Chapter 101 (Chapter 49) [2012-09]
- [RAW] Hayate X Blade Chapter 100 (Chapter 48) [2012-08]
- [RAW] Hayate X Blade Chapter 99 (Chapter 47) [2012-07]

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  1. lol. Got my RAWs scattered around forums and had one heck of a time figuring out what the new chapter #s equal to. Thanks for your translations ... and you're the only one translating this awesome manga anymore; keep it up~~

  2. wah thank u death,this is really help this curiosity of mine, he he, even though i rarely know japanese, hehe

  3. Thanks God...I finded!.
    Hi I'm from spain and I've been searching for days the raws. Finally I've find your blog by mangafox (blessed mangafox xD). When the serie was licensed I feared the worst cause in spain shouji-ai or yuri manga isn't popular so never arrive here... T^T
    Thank u so much for your translation and the raws!! >o<

    PD: Sorry, my grammar sucks...the intention is what counts ^^U

  4. Hello, thank you so much for uploading the raws! Can't wait for chapter 77! By the way, I was wondering if you're looking for any translators. I'm interested in doing translations for HxB although I haven't got any experience. (I did kind of do my own scanlation with a few pages from vol 7 as an experiment though.) I'm not very proficient in the Japanese language but I hope I'll be able to help out if you're recruiting translators.