vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Updates and HayatexBlade Chapter 59!

It's been a while since i've posted anything here, just wanted to say that i'm not dead or stopped editing or anything, just have a busy period in my life with less time to mess around.

A little update on my projects:

HayatexBlade: I started a joint with Slapslash, they're providing the translations and i'm taking care of the editing. It feels good to see this series under way again after Hoshitori died out. We've just released chapter 59, and translations for 60 are coming along! ^_^

Yureka: Currently rescanning the first arc (volumes 1-15), and editing volumes 34 and 35, which will be the last 'new' volumes you'll see from this group, we simply have no translators left for Yureka. Cheer up though, theres a new group who's picked up Yureka and says they'll at least scanlate up to volume 37!

Psychometrer Eiji: A new translator joined up, and the wait is on my editing right now. I will have some chapters out within a week, and hoping to be able to release weekly or bi-weekly from now on as long as translations keep coming.

A Book of Dreams: A lack of interest from imangascans staff aswell as me being busy halted this series for now. I have some translations left which will be edited eventually, but don't expect any steady releases for the next few months, sorry about that.

vrijdag 16 november 2012

Psychometrer Eiji 122

And here's the next one, enjoy. Not making any statements about the next release, you'll just have to wait and see.

Chapter 122:
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zondag 11 november 2012

Psychometrer Eiji Chapters 119-121

After not having able to use my right dominant hand for quite a while (after getting it stuck between a car door), i'm finally fully healed and back to editing. Chapters will start rolling out soon, from both Eiji and Abod.

Thanks for the wait, and enjoy the read!

Chapter 119:
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Chapter 120:
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Chapter 121:
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zondag 1 juli 2012

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 118

We had a little break, but we're back now~! Zao took a little time off from editing and i started a new job so things slowed down for a bit, but should be back to normal soon enough.

This chapter is the first chapter done by our new Eiji translator, AnnaO, a big welcome to her! She did an awesome job, and already tl'ed ahead quite a bit, so it's up to me and Zao to catch up to her =p.

The next chapter, Dead Heat part 2, will follow soon (tops 2 days, hopefully faster). Would've liked to release it today too, but there were quite a few of redraws, so i didnt't have the time to do it all at once =p Enjoy!

Chapter 118:
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dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 117

And the 10 chapter arc is finished! Might not have been the best arc so far, but it sure as hell was a nice read! We'll now get a few small arcs, and of course, we'll have our crossdresser cop in the next 2 chapters too (lol).
Next chapter is the first chapter translated by our current translator Anna, so look forward to it!!

Chapter 117:
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maandag 4 juni 2012

A Book of Dreams Chapters 20-21

Next 2 chapters are done, grab them at Imangascans as usual, expect the next chapter later this week. Eiji 117 will be released on tuesday!

dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 116

One more chapter to go and this arc will be over! Can you feel the suspense?! Can't wait what'll happen in the last chapter!

Chapter 116:
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Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 115

Chapter 115 done, chapter 116 will follow in a few hours! New A Book of Dream chapters will also follow in the next few days, look forward to it! Enjoy!

Chapter 115:
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zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 114

And we're at the 7th chapter of the Terrorist's Requiem arc!! 3 more chapters to go, and i gotta say, it's the best arc we've seen for a while now!

Enjoy the read, and expect the next chapter next week!

Chapter 114:
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donderdag 17 mei 2012

A Book of Dreams Chapter 19

Chapter 19 is done, expect the next few chapters soon enough!
Grab it at ims for a nice and fast DDL <3!

A Book of Dreams Chapter 19

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 113

The first chapter of volume 15 is finished, boom! We're gonna keep on going ^_^.

This chapter literally goes out with a bang... can't wait for the next one, so good, so good!! Enjoy!

Chapter 113:
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maandag 14 mei 2012

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 112

As promised, it's monday, and the next chapter is done! This was the last chapter of volume 14, expect the next chapter in a few days!

We finally get to know the real face behind the terrorist... someone unexpected? Read the chapter to find out, haha =p.

We've got some awesomeness news, since we found a new translator for Eiji!! This means we'll be able to continue after chapter 117 (yay!), everyone say hi to Anna!

We're still looking for a pre-cleaner, and perhaps a redrawer. A pre-cleaner would have to level, crop and clean bubbles, pretty easy and basic. If you have photoshop and time and want to pre-clean, send me a mail!

Chapter 112:
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woensdag 9 mei 2012

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 111

The 4th chapter of this arc is done! Expect the next 3 chapters between monday and friday next week!

The arc is getting epicsome hardcore, are we gonna see some good old Eiji rage soon?! Next chapter in a few days, stay tuned! ^_^

We NEED a translator to continue after chapter 117, i've also added a recruitment page in the chapter this time, so we can hopefully find someone in the next few releases.

Chapter 111:
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