maandag 14 mei 2012

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 112

As promised, it's monday, and the next chapter is done! This was the last chapter of volume 14, expect the next chapter in a few days!

We finally get to know the real face behind the terrorist... someone unexpected? Read the chapter to find out, haha =p.

We've got some awesomeness news, since we found a new translator for Eiji!! This means we'll be able to continue after chapter 117 (yay!), everyone say hi to Anna!

We're still looking for a pre-cleaner, and perhaps a redrawer. A pre-cleaner would have to level, crop and clean bubbles, pretty easy and basic. If you have photoshop and time and want to pre-clean, send me a mail!

Chapter 112:
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  1. Thank you for another chapter and for such great news! Thank you Anna!

  2. Thank you!!!!! Welcome Anna, and thank you too!!! I love this project.