maandag 9 januari 2012

Yureka Chapters 34v2-35

Here we go, time to get the ball rolling again!

I've moved, i'm settled, and it's time to get back to editing! These 2 chapters are a joint project with the guys over at H.A.O. The plan is to do a re-release of the lower volumes of Yureka with new scans and re-checked scripts. These 2 chapters are the first of many to come in the (near) future!. We have volumes 1-10 atm, but since i lost my copies of volumes 11-24 during the move, we're searching for HQ scans for those volumes. If you think you can help us with that, don't hesitate to mail me!

I'll also get to working on new Yureka chapters really soon, including a v2 of volume 33, and volume 34 and 35.

I'm searching for translators (french to english) for the following series:
- A Book of Dreams volume 2-8
- Psychometrer Eiji volume 16-25

I'm also looking for a translator for Yureka V36 and A Book of Dreams V9-15 (korean to english).

It's good to be back, i hope you'll like the releases from now on!

Chapter 34v2:
Download Link: Mediafire
Read Online: Batoto

Chapter 35:
Download Link: Mediafire
Read Online: Batoto