vrijdag 31 december 2010

Yureka Chapters 179-185

Tadaa~ here's the first part of the New Years release for Yureka! *WOOOOOHOOOO*

This release was initially meant to be a Christmas release, but because some stuff happened we didn't make that in time, so that's why we're releasing it now, on the last day of 2010!
These 7 chapters are the part 1 of the releases, chapters 186-191 will follow on sunday night, or monday for some, when i'm over my hangover from the New Years and back home again. We'll be trying to get back to some more regular releases soon, until we reach vol 33.

Eiji will also be restarted in January, i might release 1 or 2 chapters in the first week of January, so look forward to that. I'll be scanning some other series too, and starting a new project that we'll again translate from French,....ahhh lots of goodies for 2011! ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the part 1 of the New Years release, part 2 will follow after the weekend!

Chapter 179:
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Chapter 180:
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Download Link: Mediafire / Depositfiles

Chapter 181:
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Chapter 182:
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Chapter 183:
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Chapter 184:
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Chapter 185:
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dinsdag 7 december 2010

W's Chapters 7, 8 and 9

And here's the first 3 releases of our new little project -- W's!

I wanted to start this project for a long time now, but got busy and had to find a new translator too, so in the end i decided to go with a mass release on christmas of volumes 2 and 3 and finish it in 1 go. My plans kinda got destroyed when another group (SRoMU) released some chapters earlier this week though. Since i didn't wanna waste my translators work i decided to start releasing now instead of waiting until christmas. We used the french scanlation from [KA] for our translations, so a special thanks to that group! ^.^. [KA] didn't scanlate chapter 8.5 (special chapter unrelated to main story), so we also won't be able to do that one, unless a jap tl brings in some translations that is =).

The last 5 chapters of W's will be released in the next week or so (i'll be away for the weekend, so i won't be able to edit friday-monday), but i'll have them done by next week friday the latest.

Also some news about Eiji; the translators will be back in action starting from January, so we'll be starting that project again in a few weeks ^^.

Yureka - I know i promised some chapters this week, and i'll at least get 1 out the door, but with W's getting inbetween all of a sudden i don't know if i can manage more. I'll get caught up soon enough though, after W's Yureka is priority number 1!

Here's some links to the other chapters of W's, for if you can't find them otherwise:


Download Link: W's Chapter 7
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Download Link: W's Chapter 8
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Download Link: W's Chapter 9
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maandag 22 november 2010

Yureka Chapter 178

Only a few days late, here's the next chapter of Yureka!
The next chapter will be out later this week, before the weekend (thursday/friday probably). Now I'm off to work on Atori Shou, so i'll finish my rants here ^^.

Enjoy the chapter!

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vrijdag 12 november 2010

Yureka Chapter 177

And the second chapter of volume 29 is also done ^_^. I had hoped to release 1 more chapter this week, but i just found out i had to leave for the weekend again, so i might not get it done before monday. Some good news about future volumes though, Samji finally updated their site, and it seems like the french volume 33 is getting released in 2-3 weeks time. Volume 34 already got a ISBN, so it will prolly get released around March/April 2011.

Eiji....i've put that project on hold for a little while, until i know more about the situation of the translator. I'll try to keep you updated!

Anyway, enjoy the Yureka chapter for this week!!

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Download Link: Mediafire / Depositfiles

P.S.: We need a proofer to check the translations on english spelling/grammar. If you're confident about your english grammar knowledge, and want to help with Yureka, send me a mail at vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com.

woensdag 3 november 2010

Yureka Chapter 176

And the first chapter of volume 29, chapter 176 is also done~

This chap was pretty fun to do, looking forward to the next one ^^. I will try to release it before friday, but i'll be pretty busy and don't know if i'll make it. If you don't see anything by friday, expect it on monday. Thanks for the comments on the last chapter too ^_^.


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zondag 31 oktober 2010

Yureka Chapter 175

Well here it is after a long wait, a new chapter of Yureka. I'll just release 175 today, if you want some more chapter soon, be sure to motivate us by saying a simple thanks either here or at the mangafox forums, i'm sure it'll help alot ^^


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zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Yureka Chapter 174

And here's the next one, chapter 174 done!

The chapter took me a bit longer than expected, mostly because there was this awesome double-page in it that i wanted to redraw. I mean, when you see a dragon cut in half you wanna fix it right? ^^ But yeah...since manwha always has like 2-3cm of art missing, the redraw takes time. Anyways, I saved the dragon and it's in 1 piece again, so everything okay now! =p.

I could release 175 later today, or i could not, depends on whether i have the time or not (I've got Atori to TS for ims, and a new project to find fonts for too, so if i have left over time after that i'll start on 175!).


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woensdag 29 september 2010

Yureka Chapter 173

After a long wait, here's chapter 173 of Yureka, YAY~!

This chapter got delayed alot because i was lazy + I had failing hdd with the cleaned raws on it... so i had to rescan and edit everything, sigh (will be making more backups from now on lol).

Anyways, the next couple of chapters will all follow this week, until 177, since thats the tl's that are already done. Eiji will follow either this weekend, or early next week.

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zondag 12 september 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 105

And here's (probably) the final release for today, finally a chapter with some Shima again too ~yay~! I'm gonna take a nice long break now, after 3 chapters of Eiji my eyes are pretty beat. If my eyes recover by tonight i might release Yureka 173, if i don't recover i'll release it tomorrow, promise! Eiji 106 will follow when i get the trans from freeday, hopefully in the next 2 days or so!


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zaterdag 11 september 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 104

And the last chapter of the 'Under the Noise' arc has arrived~! This chapter also finishes up volume 13, and we'll continue on to volume 14 (of course!). This arc was pretty fun to edit, and i'm pretty sure the next will be a bit less 'fun', since it'll show Fuku's boner on nearly every page....at least we'll get some 'near naked' Shima again too, so i guess that makes up for it.

I'll try to have the next short arc (Mitsuru's Gun I and II) finished by tomorrow. Still have to get the trans for the second chapter though, so if i don't get it in time i'll only release the first chapter and the second one when i receive the trans!


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Download Link: Depositfiles (I know you wanna use me~) / Mediafire

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 103

Here's the first Eiji release of today, chapter 103 and the second chapter in the 'Under the Noise' arc, is done. I wanted to have the chapter finished and released earlier this week...but i just didn't have the time, so it got pushed back to the weekend (again), sorry for that!

Another 2 or 3 Eiji chapters will follow in the next 24 hours, as well as chapter 173 from Yureka, so be sure to check in every now and then!!

Enjoy!! [P.S.: Please use the depositfiles link if you can!!]

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vrijdag 3 september 2010

Yureka Chapter 172

I managed to finish another chapter before i had to leave for the weekend, so here it is ^.^. Chapter 173 will be done either monday or tuesday, Eiji 103 the same.

Anyways, i don't have much time before i've gotta go, so i'll leave it at that. Enjoy!!

P.S.: I'll start using both DF and MF links, since DF sometimes doesn't work that nicely. Please try to download through DF as much as possible though...it helps me get the money to buy the RAWs!

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donderdag 2 september 2010

Yureka Chapter 171

And here is Yureka chapter 171!!

Some things get cleared up in this chapter (not that we couldn't have guessed those already), but more questions pop up (as always huh =p).
I'll continue editing for a while more, and i'll try to have chapters 172 and 173 finished by tomorrow. I'll be away from friday evening - sunday evening, so if i don't finish 172-173 on time i'll get it out next week. Eiji will also get released on monday.

Enough ranting, i'm hungry and i'm gonna buy some food. Enjoy the chapter!!

P.S.: I'll start using both DF and MF links, since DF sometimes doesn't work that nicely. Please try to download through DF as much as possible though...it helps me get the money to buy the RAWs!

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dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 37

Here it is, chapter 37 of HxB!!!! YEAAHHHH~~.

This chapter wasn't done by me, but by a newly formed group called [hoshitori] (how fitting ^^). The leader of the group commented on my blog a while ago and told me he'd notify me when the next chapter would be out, so here it is. If i understand correctly they're planning to do at least volume 7, and let's hope they'll continue on for more! You can visit their website here: http://www.hoshitori.com/

I will keep releasing the chapters on my blog for the time beeing, but if hoshitori will start releasing on mangaupdates i might stop with that. Let's wish Slivery and his translator/team good luck, and be sure to drop a comment on their site!

P.S.: a little fairy told me that chapter 37 will see a v2 later, it'll fix some sfx's, honorifics and other small errors in the chapter.

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maandag 23 augustus 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 102

And here it is, the weekly Eiji release. I might release the 2nd chapter of the 'Under the Noise' arc later this week, but that depends on how busy work will get. Yureka 171 and 172 will also be released this week, my guess is 171 around wednesday/thursday and 172 around saturday.

I'm still looking for a Korean --> English proofer for Yureka and a Japanese --> English translator for HayatexBlade, if you're interested please send me a mail [vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com]!!

Enjoy the chapter!

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vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Yureka Chapter 170

Here's Yureka 170 as promised ^.^. I won't be home for the weekend, so i won't be able to do any editing until monday. I'll try to have the next Eiji chapter out on monday though. Yureka 171 will follow somewhere next week (probably wednesday), if 172 is done proofing i'll try to get that one released next week too.
I'm still looking for:
- Proofer for Yureka (someone who knows korean preferred)
- Translator for HayatexBlade (jap --> eng)
Please send a mail to vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com, or post a comment here if you think you could help out!

Anyways, enjoy the chapter!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 170

woensdag 18 augustus 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 36

Here it is, as promised, the last chapter from volume 6. I really wanna continue this series, so translators get off your asses and send me a mail (vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com)!

I'm gonna enjoy my birthday now, you guys enjoy the chapter!

P.S.: I've added the HxB RAW for this month to the mediafire sharekey.

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HayatexBlade Chapter 35 & Yureka Chapter 169v2

And here's chapter 35 of HxB. I haven't heard from Anelai yet, so i decided to just do the last 2 chapters by myself. Chapter 36 will follow in a bit. Chapter 36 is the last chapter of volume 6, and that also means i won't be able to release any new HxB after it unless i find a jap --> eng translator. If you like HxB and think you could translate it, please send me a mail to: vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com , I'll be waiting ^.^.

I was supposed to release Yureka 170 today too, but that will be delayed until thursday, since today is my birthday and i just don't have the time to typeset it right now. Eiji will be done on friday.
I'll also release Yureka Chapter 169v2 right now, it corrects 2 small errors in the chapter.


Download Link: Yureka Chapter 169v2

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zondag 15 augustus 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 101

After a long time no Eiji here's finally a release again. Chapter 101 is done. I will probably start releasing a weekly chapter again now that freeday is back, so look forward to that. There might be some chapters that take 2 weeks though (the ones with a ton of redraws), but i'll warn you about those in advance.
Yureka 170 will come around tuesday, expect HxB 35 and 36 next week too. Eiji 102 (and maybe 103) will be out on friday!


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zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

HayatexBlade Chapters 30.5-33v2 & 34

Here's another HxB chapter. Anelai did most of the work, I just cleaned it up a little and released it. Anelai said he was gonna do the rest of volume 6 too (chapters 35 & 36), so when i get those chapters from him, i'll clean and post them right away

So, give your love to Anelai, and enjoy!

Read Online: Mangafox

I'll also release v2's of chapters 30.5-33, since i didn't clean those yet.

vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Yureka Chapter 169

And here it is, Yureka chapter 169 also finished!

It's kinda late, and i'm seeing everything in black and whites, so i'll keep this short. The next Yureka chapter (170) will be released either sunday or monday/tuesday. Eiji will also see some releases this sunday, i'm hoping 1-2 chapters.
Hayate is on hold atm, until i hear back from Anelai about the remainder of vol 6. If you're fluent in jap and eng and wanna translate vols 7 and up for hayate, please lemme know by mailing to: vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com

Also, today Dokko told me he won't be able to continue proofing Yureka for us anymore after he's finished volume 29 (sob sob). So, since our proofer will be leaving us soon i'm looking for a new proofer for Yureka, preferably someone who knows korean. If you think you can help out, mail me to the above adress. I guess i didn't keep it that short after all...ah well ^.^

Anyways, enjoy the chapter!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 169

Yureka Chapter 161v2 & Volume 27 Batches

I've finished the re-edit of chapter 161 (also re-scanned the covers, added a content page and author's comments+summary).

I'll now release the batches for the english and french volume 27 too. I will start the typeset of chapter 169 after dinner, so it should be up in like 5-7 hours from now.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for chapter 169 later tonight!

Volume 27 Batches:

And here's chapter 161v2 outside the batch:

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 161v2

donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Yureka Chapter 168

And as promised, here's Yureka chapter 168. Chapter 169 will follow in the next 24 hours, if everything goes as planned chapter 170 in the weekend. I'll put up only a depositfiles link for the first 24-48 hours, since i really want people to use that one (only costs you 60 seconds, and makes it easier for me to buy the yureka raws). If depositfiles is too annoying i'll just switch back to mediafire though, this is sort of a tryout for a few chapters =).

Anyways, enjoy!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 168

HayatexBlade Chapters 30.5-33

These chapters were not edited or scanned by me, I just found them on mediafire from an unknown source. I will release this on mangaupdates under my name since i can't add it as Unknown (cuz HxB is a licenced series), but i'm just posting it there so people know it's out and can download it too.

I might re-edit chapters 30.5-33 in the future, or i might not, i can't really say which one yet (probably depends on my moods). The next chapter i'll continue on will be the remainder of volume 6, namely chapters 34-36. If things don't get too crazy i hope to finish those chapters in the next 2 weeks. I probably won't redraw all the SFX's though, it's too time consuming and boring and it usually makes me delay chapters by alot. I'll just add the sfx translation next to the kanji.

Anyways, Yureka 168 and 169 will be out later today or early tomorrow. One of the Eiji translators came back, so we might speed that project up again too. Enjoy these HxB chapters from mr. Unkown for now!

**Edit: Mr. Unknown has shown him/herself! Thank Anelai for these chapters. Anelai might be doing the rest of vol 6 soon, if he/she does, and i can find the chapters i'll put some links up. If he/she doesn't plan to release the remaining 3 chapters, i might do them myself. I'm not really planning on debinding my book for 3 chapters though, so if i'm the one scanning you'll see some small gutter shadows.

P.S.: I will be using depositfiles links for a while. With depositfiles you'll get some money (5-10 usd) for every 1000 downloads. Every bit helps, and since i have to buy some more Yureka volumes soon, i hope everyone will download through the depositfiles links. I will also post mediafire links later on, but they will be added 24-48 hours after the initial release.

vrijdag 30 juli 2010

Yureka Chapter 167

And as promised, the second chapter of today. Chapter 167 is done! I really enjoyed editing this one...Yureka was just too cute on alot of the panels, not to mention we got to see some Boromir action again, what a great guy that is!

I was planning on releasing a v2 (with new typeset, added summaries and author/artist notes) of chapter 161, but since it's already pretty late i'll do that one tomorrow. When the v2 of chapter 161 is done i'll also make a batch of volume 27, and hopefully the first chapter(s) of volume 28 will be out next week.

Enjoy once again!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 167

Yureka Chapter 166

Here's chapter 166 of Yureka! Chapter 167 will follow in a few hours, chapters 168/169 hopefully early next week.

Eiji releases will be slowed down alot (as I'm sure you've all noticed already), since the translator is really busy atm. I still have translations for a few chapters left, and I will release those in the next 2 weeks, but after that i won't get new translations until september/october.

The bonus HxB chapter that I promised 10 times already will come next week for sure. I'll try to start volume 6 too, but since i gotta scan Yureka too I don't know if i'll have the time for that.

Anyways, enjoy Yureka 166 and expect 167 soon!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 166

zondag 18 juli 2010

Yureka Chapter 165

Yeah~ I'm on a roll here! Chapter 165 also done ^.^.

I think the eiji releases will start around tuesday, tomorrow i'll be redrawing Eiji 101...but it has a ton of redraws so it'll take me a while. The 3 chapters after that don't have any redraws though, so they'll be pretty easy =).

Anyways, enjoy the chapters we released today!

Read Online: Mangafox / OneManga
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 165

Yureka Chapter 164

And as promised, here's chapter 164 of Yureka. Chapter 165 will be out later tonight or tomorrow morning!


Read Online: Mangafox / OneManga
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 164

Yureka Chapter 163

And here we are again, after a pretty long break finally some releases ~yay !!

I kinda did nothing while the World Cup was going on, and after my team lost in the finals i took another week off....but now it's time to start releasing some chapters again ^.^.
First off - a chapter of Yureka, another chapter should follow later today, and another one tomorrow. In the following couple of days I'll also release some Eiji chapters, but since Eiji's translator is really busy atm i won't be able to release it weekly for a while. I'll also get off my lazy ass and get the bonus chapter of HxB vol 5 done this week.

Anyways, enjoy chapter 163, and check in later today for 164!

Btw, I suggest you download the chapters to read em, since Mangatoshokan removed 70% of all series and turned to crap and now there's no online reader to read the chapters in HQ.

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 163

zaterdag 19 juni 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 30

Here's HxB chapter 30, the last 'real' chapter of volume 5. There's still a bonus chapter and a small bonus story remaining in this volume though, i'll hopefully have those done tomorrow or early monday.

Since i'm going to do some work on Yureka for the next couple of weeks, I won't start volume 6 right away, but the first chapter should be out within a month the latest. Also, because of the move and the shit that comes with it I didn't get to Eiji this week either, i'll have a chapter done coming thursday/friday though, promise!

Anyway, enjoy some Hayate, Ayana and Jun-Jun!

*Edit: the new HxB Raw for this month has been added to the mediafire sharekey.

Read Online: Mangatoshokan / Mangafox
Download Link: HayatexBlade Volume 5 Chapter 30

donderdag 10 juni 2010

Yureka Chapter 162

And here's a new Yureka chapter. Thank CFW for this release, if he didn't start the editing, i wouldn't have started either and the chapter would still be laying around ^^. Gui and dokko did a great job on the translations again, so thank them too!

I know it's Eiji release day, but i think i won't be able to release a chapter this week. I'm gonna move at the end of the week, so i probably won't have much time to edit until i've settled in. I will try to finish HxB volume 5 before the move though, since i promised those chapters a while ago already.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 162

vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 100

Here's the weekly Eiji chapter. It's about half a day later than usual because i forgot *cough* to post it after i finished the editing. Chapter 101 will be done next thursday =).

I'll try my best to have HxB chapter 30 and the bonus chapter finished the coming weekend. I might only get to chapter 30 though...weekend's gonna be a bit busy, so i don't know how much i'll be able to finish.

Enjoy Eiji vs Eiichi!

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Download Link: Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 100

zondag 30 mei 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 29

Here’s the third HxB chapter of this week, chapter 29 is done! ^^ Chapter 30 and a bonus chapter of volume 5 will be done about next week, look forward to that =).

I’m still looking for a jap translator for volumes 7 and up. If you think you can help, or if you know someone who might be interested, be sure to contact me at vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com!

Enjoy the chapter!

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vrijdag 28 mei 2010

HayatexBlade RAWs

We all used to get our HayatexBlade RAWs from Mangahelpers or Raw-Paradise, but as most of you already know, Mangahelpers removed the RAWs and Raw-Paradise is dead. With those 2 sites out of the picture there isn't really a place anymore where all the HxB RAWs are together, or where new chapters get updated.

Since I think there should be a place where you can easily get old and new HxB RAWs, I've decided to start uploading all the RAWs to my mediafire account. Below I will put a release log with the latest 3 chapters i added to the mediafire account. I'll update the release log whenever I upload a new chapter to the account.

For those wondering why the chapter numbering is so strange, let me explain. After chapter 52 was released the series moved to another magazine (because the publisher changed from Media Works to Shueisha). The new magazine started the chapter numbering at 1, while it was actually chapter 53 in the entire series. The latest chapter released atm, chapter 22, is actually chapter 74 of the entire series. To keep it a little more clear I'll put both the new chapter number and the old chapter number in the file names.

If a link stops working, you can send me a mail at vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com and i'll re-upload the chapter asap.

[Download RAWs]
Hayate X Blade RAW's [Chapters 1-101]

[Release Log]
- [RAW] Hayate X Blade Chapter 101 (Chapter 49) [2012-09]
- [RAW] Hayate X Blade Chapter 100 (Chapter 48) [2012-08]
- [RAW] Hayate X Blade Chapter 99 (Chapter 47) [2012-07]

donderdag 27 mei 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 99

And as promised, here's Eiji chapter 99. The 'strange' Fukushima arc comes to an end (finally lol). The next Eiji chapter will be out next thursday, the next HxB chapters will be out by the end of the week.


Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan

Yureka Chapter 161

After a long time no releases here's a chapter of Yureka again. I didn't do much this chapter besides the quality check, you've gotta thank Gui, CFW and Dokko for this one. No idea when the next chapter will be out, so just check in every now and then =)

If everything goes fine i'll release the next Eiji chapter later today, so look forward to that.


Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 161

maandag 24 mei 2010

HayatexBlade Chapters 27 & 28

I really enjoyed editing these chapters, i'm sure you will enjoy reading them! (I mean, how can you not enjoy HxB ~YEAH!!). There's a fun song playing in the background of chapter 28, for those wondering how it sounds like, and how looks like for real, here's the youtube video to it:
Hikaru GENJI - Tsurugi no Mai and for the die-hard HxB fans out there, here's the mp3 version. ^^

I'm gonna try to release the rest of volume 5 (chapters 29 and 30, and a bonus chapter) before sunday. Eiji will be out on thursday. Yureka is still unknown for the next chapter.

I'm also looking for a japanese translator for HxB volumes 7 and up, since Seven Seas doesn't have HxB volumes 7 and up on the planning yet. If you think you could help out send me a mail at vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com

Anyways, enjoy the chapters!

donderdag 20 mei 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 98

I've been sick for a while, but I'm all better and back in action! Here's the first release, Eiji chapter 98. Eiji chapter 99 will be out in the next few days.

HayatexBlade - i've finished the cleaning of volume 5, will TS them as fast as i can, so the next 4-5 chapters will be out in the next couple of days. Yureka - don't know when i'll release the next chapter, could be this weekend, or next week, depends on how fast i finish HxB and whether or not i feel like editing it =).

Anyways, enjoy!

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donderdag 6 mei 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 97

As usual, here's our weekly Eiji chapter. This chapter (chapter 97) is about Shima and the commissioner (the old bald guy). Take baldy's and Shima's hatred against each other, throw in a stupid son, and you've got yourself a chapter. The next 2 chapters will have Fukushima as the main character (you know, the fat guy who loves Shima), and from what i've heard it's gonna be pretty damn nasty. Anyways, look forward to that =p.

Yureka will be out either tomorrow or the day after. Hayate will be released in the weekend. That's about it, enjoy the eiji chapter!

Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

Yureka Chapter 160

Here's our 2nd chapter this week, and also the last chapter of volume 26. Next week we'll release chapter 161, the first chapter of volume 27, and you can expect it around thursday/friday.
Volume 27 is the first french volume with the new publisher (the licence switched from Tokebi to Samji) and they've edited the volume pretty badly (it's really dark on most pages, especially Tablen's skin is really dark) but there's not much we can do about that. We can only hope Samji did a better job on leveling for future volumes, and make the best with what we've got.

Anyway, enjoy chapter 160!

Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 160

vrijdag 30 april 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 26

After a pretty long break, here's a new chapter of HxB, Chapter 26 is (finally) done!

I didn't really feel like making a new credit page, so you'll just have to do with the ugly one that i'm using now =p I'll try to speed up the HxB releases to 1 chapter every week/week and a half, and will try to get volumes 5 & 6 finished as fast as I can. Yureka chapter 160 will be out tomorrow, HxB 27 either tomorrow or early next week.


*Edit: on mangatoshokan some of the pages are really blurry...they seem to be having some errors, might be related to that. I'll try reuploading, but it'd be better to download the chapter till it's fixed, if you don't want all that blur that is =).

*Edit 2: uploaded a v2, made a typo on page 15, ofcourse it shouldn't be 'Wanko's call' but 'Wanko's ball' ^.^ The blur on mangatoshokan will probably go away after they upgrade their servers, until then i'd recommend to read the chapter(s) on your pc.

Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan

donderdag 29 april 2010

Yureka Chapter 159

And here's chapter 159 of Yureka. We might release chapter 160 during the weekend, and speed things up a bit again to 5-7 chapters a month. We'll try to be caught up with the french version by july/august (up to volume 32). Special thanks to Dokko for all the fast proofing/translating he's been doing for us =)

Anyways, enjoy chapter 159!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 159

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 96

Here's our weekly Eiji release. This chapter is the last chapter in the 'Murders on a Plate' arc, and the last chapter of volume 12. We'll continue with the first chapter of volume 13 next week.

Also, we have a little set-back on the Eiji project. One of our translators and our proofreader don't have the time anymore to continue. That's why i'm hereby recruiting new people for this project. Translators are always welcome, you'd need to be pretty fluent in french and english though. We also need a proofer, someone who knows french would be best, and you'd ofcourse need to know your english grammer pretty well. For cleaners, i could use someone to pre-clean the chapters (pretty much cleaning bubbles, leveling, cropping, resizing). I'd take care of the redraws and typeset. If you think you could help out, please send me a mail on vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com.

Anyways, that's about it...ehhh, Yureka will be out later today, HxB 26 and 27 will be out by the weekend. Enjoy!!

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zondag 25 april 2010

Yureka Chapter 158

And as promised, here's the new Yureka chapter: chapter 158!

Just as always, the next chapter will come in about a week. Also, I don't know whether or not i will release HxB today...i've started on the chapters though, so expect some chapters in the following days.


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vrijdag 23 april 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 95

And here's our weekly release of Psychometrer Eiji! We might be speeding up our Eiji releases a bit from now on(from 4 to 5-6 per month). Why, you ask? Because we found ourselves a second translator, everyone say hi to serobins! ^_^

About Yureka...we might be a bit late again this week, but chapter 158 will be out before sunday, so keep an eye open for it =)

Last but not least...I'll make sure to release at least 1 HxB chapter this weekend...if i feel like it i might release 2 or 3, depends on my mood =P

Anyways, enjoy the Eiji chapter: Murders on a Plate 5!

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zaterdag 17 april 2010

Yureka Chapter 157

And here it is, our weekly chapter of Yureka! ^_^

The chapter might be a few days late, but we still released it this week, so everythings cool =p. Next week we'll finish chapter 95 of Eiji and 158 of Yureka. I'll try to finish 1 or 2 HxB chapters in the coming week aswell, since i've haven't been releasing much of it lately.

Anyways, that's about it. Enjoy!

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donderdag 15 april 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapters 92-94

And here they are, the first chapters of our new project: Psychometrer Eiji!

I wanted to do this manga for a while now, but couldn't quite find a translator for it. I saw at mangafox that there was a translator translating, but she didn't have any editors that sticked around for more than a few pages. Anyways, I contacted her, we had a chat, and here we are with our new project. Everyone say hi to freeday! ^_^

Chapters 92 and 93 were already up at mangafox , but they were pretty poorly cleaned. Freeday told me i could clean them up and re-release them, and that's what i did. I didn't retypeset the chapters though, since the typesetter didn't do a bad job, and i don't want him to think he wasted his time.

Anyways, enjoy the chapters!

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Download Link: Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 92

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Download Link: Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 93

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Download Link: Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 94

woensdag 7 april 2010

Yureka Chapter 156

Here's the weekly release of Yureka! You can expect chapter 157 around the same time next week, and we'll also be starting a new project next week, so look forward to that ^.^.

Anyways, Enjoy the chapter!

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donderdag 1 april 2010

Yureka Chapter 155

And here we go, the first chapter of volume 26 is done. I'm sure you'd already noticed, but we're slowing down our release speed a little, and we'll be going from 2 chapters, to 1 chapter a week. That way we'll have more time to get the chapters done, plus i'll have time to work on some other projects too. There could still be weeks where we release 2, but that won't be that often ^^

For chapter 155 i've used some new fonts, let me know what you think of them. You can give me your opinion here, or just over at the mangafox forums, i'll be waiting ^^

Enjoy the chapter!

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dinsdag 23 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 154

And it's time for another Yureka release! With chapter 154 we've ended volume 25, and it's time to move on to volume 26 =). For volumes 26 and up we'll use french raws again instead of the korean ones used in 25. Credits go (again) to Tsin, Namorax and dokko, so drop by the mangafox forums and tell em how much you love em!

We've also corrected some mistakes in chapters 150, 151 and 152, so download the v2's below to get the corrected ones. Ehh...the next chapter (155) will prolly be released somewhere next week, so look forward to it =)

Enjoy the chapter!

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 154
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 154

Corrected chapters:

zondag 21 maart 2010

Variante Chapter 19 (end)

We're finished! With chapter 19 we've reached the last chapter of this great piece of art *sob, sob*. Wish we had more Variante...sigh...why did this series have to end so soon... This final chapter was a pretty nice one though. It made me feel satisfied and it gave me a comfy warm feeling inside =)

But well...with this last chapter, my side project has also ended. Since i'm starting the Yureka HQ releases pretty soon, I'm not sure when I can start a new side project, but drop by every now and then and I'll keep you updated about that.

Enjoy this great final chapter, and thanks for reading!

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zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 153

And here's the 2nd release of today, Yureka chapter 153 is done! Chapter 154 will be done somewhere next week, and it'll also be the last chapter of volume 25. Volume 26 has already been scanned by CFW, so we will continue with that one right away =)

Credits of this whole volume go mostly to dokko-tak (our friend from A-Team, who did an awesome job on the korean --> english translations), Tsin0125 (who did all the cleaning and typsetting of this volume) and Namorax (proofing/quality checks). I did nothing but drink beer and post the chapters, maybe I'm getting lazy huh =o

Anyway, since prolly noone is gonna read this, i'll just stop here and say: enjoy!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 153

Variante Chapter 18

Chapter 18 of this great manga is finished. It was a pretty good chapter, a very good chapter indeed, but damn sad one for Aiko =(
Chapter 19 will be released tomorrow, March 21. Since I started this little side-project on January 21, it has taken me exactly 2 months to finish, not that bad I guess ^_^

Anyways, look forward to the final chapter tomorrow, and enjoy this chapter for now!

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woensdag 17 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 152

Yureka chapter 152 is done! Not sure if there'll be another chapter this week, guess you'll just have to wait and hope ^^
Variante...I got kinda lazy and didn't feel like finishing the chapters last weekend...expect them by the end of this week though.

Anyways, enjoy your weekly Yureka chapter =)

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 152
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 152v2

edit: v2 uploaded that corrects some errors.

vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 151

Chapter 151 is done! Special thanks to Tsin, dokko-tak and Namorax, who're doing most of the work on this volume. The next chapter will probably be released around next thursday. Variante 18 & 19 could be done by sunday.

Anyways, enjoy your Yureka fix!

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 151
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 151v2

edit: v2 uploaded that corrects some errors.

woensdag 10 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 150

Chapter 150 is done, 151 on it's way in the next couple of days(hopefully). I hope the last 2 Variante chapters will be finished by sunday. Anyways I'm kinda short on time, so that's about it =p


Read Online: Yureka Chapter 150
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 150v2

edit: v2 uploaded that corrects some errors.

woensdag 3 maart 2010

Variante Chapters 16 & 17

I was thinking of releasing the last 4 chapters in a batch...but then again, usually when i’m reading a manga I wanna continue reading asap, so i’ll just release the chapters that’re done atm. I present to you: Variante chapters 16 & 17!

Also, my scanner is away for repairs, and I thought i’d scanned everything in vol 4, but seems like i missed 2 pages in chapter 17, so i took some online raws and edited them in for now (so you all could continue reading), but expect a v2 when my scanner’s back.


Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan

Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan

dinsdag 2 maart 2010

Yureka Chapter 149

Chapter 149's done, 150 on it's way. This chapter starts the releases of volume 25, and since Dokko-tak already provided us with the translations for the whole volume, you can prolly expect it to be released a little bit faster than normally.
The raws used are crappy web raws...it was either this or nothing, so live with it. Volumes 26 and up should be our own raws, so expect some better quality when we're there ^^.

A little status update on Variante..I'll try to have the last 4 chapters done by the end of the week. I'll continue with HayatexBlade volume 5 when I've finished Variante.

Anyways, enjoy the chapter!

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woensdag 24 februari 2010

Yureka Chapters 133-148

It took a while...but we're finally done with the mass release. Yureka Scans presents you with Yureka volumes 22, 23 and 24! *WOOHOOO*

Special thanks out to Namo, who prolly lost some sleep with those last minute translations/proofs. Of course thx to everyone else too, you all did a damn nice job =)
Volume 25 is already translated (thx dokko ^^), so we will probably release it in a pretty fast pace, look forward to more updates! You can drop by the mangafox forums, and chat with us, tell thx, tell us to get off our asses and release more chapters (we might not listen though =p).

Enjoy these 469 pages of Yureka! =p

*Edit: Mediafire seems to be buggy with chaper 139 (even after reupload), so i uploaded it to megaupload for the time being.

Read Online:
Yureka Chapter 133
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 133

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 134
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 134

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 135
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 135

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 136
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 136

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 137
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 137

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 138
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 138

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 139

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 140
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 140

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 141
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 141

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 142
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 142

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 143
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 143

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 144
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 144

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 145
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 145

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 146
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 146

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 147
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 147

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 148
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 148

vrijdag 19 februari 2010

Variante Chapter 15

And here it is, chapter 15 of Variante! With this chapter we started volume 4, which is also the last volume (awwww) . I've also decided to start releasing in 1400px instead of the usual 1200px, so lemme know what you think of it.
Eh...what else to say....ah yes, Yureka. I'm not really sure when we're gonna do the mass release...i guess it depends on when the translations of volume 24 get done, but i think we'll release before the end of the week (even if it kills us?).

Anyways, enjoy your Variante fix!

woensdag 3 februari 2010

Variante Chapter 14

And here's another chapter of Variante, chapter 14 is done!
Chapter 14 concludes volume 3, so we'll be moving on to volume 4 (which is also the final volume) starting chapter 15. I'm not sure when I'll be able to release the next chapter though, could be tomorrow, but could also take a week (the Yureka mass release takes a bit priority atm).

Anyways, enjoy Variante chapter 14!

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zaterdag 30 januari 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 25.5

And here's the bonus chapter of volume 4! Chapter 25.5 also ends volume 4, so the next chapter will be the first chapter of volume 5 =) When I expect it to be done?...not really sure. I might do a few Variante chapters next week...so my guess is that i'll release it somewhere between the 8-14th of feburary.
For updates on Yureka check here, but i'm pretty sure the next 2 chapters will be out in the next couple of days =)

Enjoy the bonus chapter of HxB for now!

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woensdag 27 januari 2010

Variante Chapter 13

The next chapter of Variante is done! Chapter 13 was a bit shorter than the previous chapter, so i was able to finish a bit sooner as expected. Chapter 14 also isn't that big, so if i find some extra time, i'll try to finish it over the weekend, not making any promises though =)

Next up is Yureka chapter 133/134, probably either tomorrow or the day after (depends on when 13 finishes his translation of 133). HayatexBlade 25.5 will most likely come in the weekend.

Enjoy your Variante fix! ^^

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maandag 25 januari 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 25

And here's chapter 25 of HayatexBlade! It's a little late because i started Variante as a new project, but expect chapter 25.5 in the next 3 days. Chapter 25.5 is the last chapter of volume 4 and it's a bonus chapter about Jun and Yuho, so look forward to it! ^.^

Enjoy the chapter!

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zaterdag 23 januari 2010

Yureka Chapter 132

Another day, another release. Chapter 132 of Yureka is done too! Expect HxB tomorrow or monday. Further...i won't be back till later today, so expect the ddl a bit later.

Enjoy ^^

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 132
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 132

vrijdag 22 januari 2010

Yureka Chapter 131

*Woohoo* Another release, and this time it's Yureka's turn =p
The first chapter of volume 22 is done, and i'm pretty sure 132 will follow later today or tomorrow. Special thanks to r3mus100 for helping out with this chapter! The story is getting really good, so make sure you don't miss a chapter!

I'll use this chance to also ask for some help. We're missing 1 volume of french scans, volume 25. We're searching for a korean translator who can help us out on that volume, so we can continue on to volumes 26-31 without a break...if you know someone who can help out, please contact us contact us at yureka.scans@gmail.com or send a PM to Deathy80 at the mangafox forums.

Anyway, thx for reading, and enjoy your Yureka fix!

Download Link: Yureka Chapter 131

donderdag 21 januari 2010

Variante Chapter 12

And 3 times hooray for my new side-project: Variante!
Variante didn’t have any new chapters for a (very)long time...so thought I’d finish up the last 2 volumes =) It’s my first time scanning...so lemme know what you think of it =P
When the next Variante chapter comes out... can’t really say for now (Yureka and HayatexBlade will come first), but I think i’ll be able to release 1 chapter every 2 weeks.

Yureka chapters 131 and 132, and also HayatexBlade chapters 25 and 25.5 will be coming pretty soon, so expect them in the next few days!

Anyways, enjoy my new project for now! =P

Read Online: Mangafox / Mangatoshokan

I'll post links to the first 11 chapters too, for those who're to lazy to get em from the other scanlator's sites =)

zaterdag 16 januari 2010

Yureka Chapters 129 & 130

Another week past, another 2 chapters done, Chapters 129 & 130 are finished ^_^
These two chapters were the last chapters of volume 21, so we'll be moving on to 22 for next week. Credits can be found in the files.....ehhh what more to say...enjoy reading these two chaps i guess ^_^

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 129
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 129

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 130
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 130

maandag 11 januari 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 24

Here it is, chapter 24 of HxB! It's a little later than i'd hoped, but since I had a busy weekend, couldn't really finish it up faster.
I'll try to bring chapter 25 by the end of the week and if i feel like it i'll release the bonus chapter of volume 4 with it =)

Anyways, enjoy some more Isuzu and Momoka pwnage ^_^

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vrijdag 8 januari 2010

Yureka Chapters 127 & 128

Here's the weekly chapters of Yureka, the next 2 chapters will probably come somewhere next week. Credits go to....well...just read the credit pages i guess xD
Anyways enjoy =)

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 127
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 127 - 13 never sent me the chapter, so it's just copied from mangafox.

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 128
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 128

dinsdag 5 januari 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 23

Here's chapter 23 of HxB! I'm trying to do 1 chapter every 2 days...so chapters 24 & 25 should come later this week if everything goes as planned =p
Anyways, have fun reading chapter 23!

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zaterdag 2 januari 2010

Yureka Chapter 126

Chapter 126 done! Chapter 127 should be out pretty soon too ^.^

And here's a little note --> from now on we're gona post under Yureka Scans on mangafox too, we decided to do this to just make things easier (putting everyone's name as scanlator can get confusing =P).
Anyways, enjoy the read, and don't forget to let us know your opinions about the latest chapter here!

Read Online: Yureka Chapter 126
Download Link: Yureka Chapter 126