dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 37

Here it is, chapter 37 of HxB!!!! YEAAHHHH~~.

This chapter wasn't done by me, but by a newly formed group called [hoshitori] (how fitting ^^). The leader of the group commented on my blog a while ago and told me he'd notify me when the next chapter would be out, so here it is. If i understand correctly they're planning to do at least volume 7, and let's hope they'll continue on for more! You can visit their website here: http://www.hoshitori.com/

I will keep releasing the chapters on my blog for the time beeing, but if hoshitori will start releasing on mangaupdates i might stop with that. Let's wish Slivery and his translator/team good luck, and be sure to drop a comment on their site!

P.S.: a little fairy told me that chapter 37 will see a v2 later, it'll fix some sfx's, honorifics and other small errors in the chapter.

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maandag 23 augustus 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 102

And here it is, the weekly Eiji release. I might release the 2nd chapter of the 'Under the Noise' arc later this week, but that depends on how busy work will get. Yureka 171 and 172 will also be released this week, my guess is 171 around wednesday/thursday and 172 around saturday.

I'm still looking for a Korean --> English proofer for Yureka and a Japanese --> English translator for HayatexBlade, if you're interested please send me a mail [vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com]!!

Enjoy the chapter!

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vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Yureka Chapter 170

Here's Yureka 170 as promised ^.^. I won't be home for the weekend, so i won't be able to do any editing until monday. I'll try to have the next Eiji chapter out on monday though. Yureka 171 will follow somewhere next week (probably wednesday), if 172 is done proofing i'll try to get that one released next week too.
I'm still looking for:
- Proofer for Yureka (someone who knows korean preferred)
- Translator for HayatexBlade (jap --> eng)
Please send a mail to vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com, or post a comment here if you think you could help out!

Anyways, enjoy the chapter!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 170

woensdag 18 augustus 2010

HayatexBlade Chapter 36

Here it is, as promised, the last chapter from volume 6. I really wanna continue this series, so translators get off your asses and send me a mail (vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com)!

I'm gonna enjoy my birthday now, you guys enjoy the chapter!

P.S.: I've added the HxB RAW for this month to the mediafire sharekey.

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HayatexBlade Chapter 35 & Yureka Chapter 169v2

And here's chapter 35 of HxB. I haven't heard from Anelai yet, so i decided to just do the last 2 chapters by myself. Chapter 36 will follow in a bit. Chapter 36 is the last chapter of volume 6, and that also means i won't be able to release any new HxB after it unless i find a jap --> eng translator. If you like HxB and think you could translate it, please send me a mail to: vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com , I'll be waiting ^.^.

I was supposed to release Yureka 170 today too, but that will be delayed until thursday, since today is my birthday and i just don't have the time to typeset it right now. Eiji will be done on friday.
I'll also release Yureka Chapter 169v2 right now, it corrects 2 small errors in the chapter.


Download Link: Yureka Chapter 169v2

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zondag 15 augustus 2010

Psychometrer Eiji Chapter 101

After a long time no Eiji here's finally a release again. Chapter 101 is done. I will probably start releasing a weekly chapter again now that freeday is back, so look forward to that. There might be some chapters that take 2 weeks though (the ones with a ton of redraws), but i'll warn you about those in advance.
Yureka 170 will come around tuesday, expect HxB 35 and 36 next week too. Eiji 102 (and maybe 103) will be out on friday!


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zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

HayatexBlade Chapters 30.5-33v2 & 34

Here's another HxB chapter. Anelai did most of the work, I just cleaned it up a little and released it. Anelai said he was gonna do the rest of volume 6 too (chapters 35 & 36), so when i get those chapters from him, i'll clean and post them right away

So, give your love to Anelai, and enjoy!

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I'll also release v2's of chapters 30.5-33, since i didn't clean those yet.

vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Yureka Chapter 169

And here it is, Yureka chapter 169 also finished!

It's kinda late, and i'm seeing everything in black and whites, so i'll keep this short. The next Yureka chapter (170) will be released either sunday or monday/tuesday. Eiji will also see some releases this sunday, i'm hoping 1-2 chapters.
Hayate is on hold atm, until i hear back from Anelai about the remainder of vol 6. If you're fluent in jap and eng and wanna translate vols 7 and up for hayate, please lemme know by mailing to: vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com

Also, today Dokko told me he won't be able to continue proofing Yureka for us anymore after he's finished volume 29 (sob sob). So, since our proofer will be leaving us soon i'm looking for a new proofer for Yureka, preferably someone who knows korean. If you think you can help out, mail me to the above adress. I guess i didn't keep it that short after all...ah well ^.^

Anyways, enjoy the chapter!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 169

Yureka Chapter 161v2 & Volume 27 Batches

I've finished the re-edit of chapter 161 (also re-scanned the covers, added a content page and author's comments+summary).

I'll now release the batches for the english and french volume 27 too. I will start the typeset of chapter 169 after dinner, so it should be up in like 5-7 hours from now.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for chapter 169 later tonight!

Volume 27 Batches:

And here's chapter 161v2 outside the batch:

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 161v2

donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Yureka Chapter 168

And as promised, here's Yureka chapter 168. Chapter 169 will follow in the next 24 hours, if everything goes as planned chapter 170 in the weekend. I'll put up only a depositfiles link for the first 24-48 hours, since i really want people to use that one (only costs you 60 seconds, and makes it easier for me to buy the yureka raws). If depositfiles is too annoying i'll just switch back to mediafire though, this is sort of a tryout for a few chapters =).

Anyways, enjoy!

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Download Link: Yureka Chapter 168

HayatexBlade Chapters 30.5-33

These chapters were not edited or scanned by me, I just found them on mediafire from an unknown source. I will release this on mangaupdates under my name since i can't add it as Unknown (cuz HxB is a licenced series), but i'm just posting it there so people know it's out and can download it too.

I might re-edit chapters 30.5-33 in the future, or i might not, i can't really say which one yet (probably depends on my moods). The next chapter i'll continue on will be the remainder of volume 6, namely chapters 34-36. If things don't get too crazy i hope to finish those chapters in the next 2 weeks. I probably won't redraw all the SFX's though, it's too time consuming and boring and it usually makes me delay chapters by alot. I'll just add the sfx translation next to the kanji.

Anyways, Yureka 168 and 169 will be out later today or early tomorrow. One of the Eiji translators came back, so we might speed that project up again too. Enjoy these HxB chapters from mr. Unkown for now!

**Edit: Mr. Unknown has shown him/herself! Thank Anelai for these chapters. Anelai might be doing the rest of vol 6 soon, if he/she does, and i can find the chapters i'll put some links up. If he/she doesn't plan to release the remaining 3 chapters, i might do them myself. I'm not really planning on debinding my book for 3 chapters though, so if i'm the one scanning you'll see some small gutter shadows.

P.S.: I will be using depositfiles links for a while. With depositfiles you'll get some money (5-10 usd) for every 1000 downloads. Every bit helps, and since i have to buy some more Yureka volumes soon, i hope everyone will download through the depositfiles links. I will also post mediafire links later on, but they will be added 24-48 hours after the initial release.