woensdag 13 april 2011

Yureka Chapter 198

A new week, a new chapter, the second chapter of volume 32 is done~!!!!!!

Not much to rant this time... only a little update about Eiji. A few guys mailed me about translating the series, but after sending them a chapter to translate I haven't heard anything since... wonder if they got tired of translating before even starting.... =o.

Anyway, we're still looking for french --> english translators for Psychometrer Eiji. Without a translator the series is stalled, so if you know someone fluent in both languages and who might be interested in translating, mail me at vulcanus_1989@hotmail.com!

Enjoy the new chapter!

Chapter 198:
Read Online: Mangafox / Zetmanga
Download Link: Mediafire / Depositfiles

maandag 4 april 2011

Yureka Chapter 197

Takedown! Chapter 197 and the first chapter of volume 32 is done, a total of 50 pages.

I got some free time finally, and my computer is up and running again after another crash, so i'll get volume 32 done by the end of the week. Volume 33 is as good as done and proofed too, so that's all good news. I'm gonna delay volume 33 releases by doing weekly releases though, to buy us some time for volume 34 to arrive =).

We're still searching for french translators so we can continue Psychometrer Eiji too, without a tl the project is pretty much stalled until further notice!!

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 197:
Read Online: Mangafox / Zetmanga
Download Link: Mediafire / Depositfiles