vrijdag 30 juli 2010

Yureka Chapter 167

And as promised, the second chapter of today. Chapter 167 is done! I really enjoyed editing this one...Yureka was just too cute on alot of the panels, not to mention we got to see some Boromir action again, what a great guy that is!

I was planning on releasing a v2 (with new typeset, added summaries and author/artist notes) of chapter 161, but since it's already pretty late i'll do that one tomorrow. When the v2 of chapter 161 is done i'll also make a batch of volume 27, and hopefully the first chapter(s) of volume 28 will be out next week.

Enjoy once again!

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Yureka Chapter 166

Here's chapter 166 of Yureka! Chapter 167 will follow in a few hours, chapters 168/169 hopefully early next week.

Eiji releases will be slowed down alot (as I'm sure you've all noticed already), since the translator is really busy atm. I still have translations for a few chapters left, and I will release those in the next 2 weeks, but after that i won't get new translations until september/october.

The bonus HxB chapter that I promised 10 times already will come next week for sure. I'll try to start volume 6 too, but since i gotta scan Yureka too I don't know if i'll have the time for that.

Anyways, enjoy Yureka 166 and expect 167 soon!

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zondag 18 juli 2010

Yureka Chapter 165

Yeah~ I'm on a roll here! Chapter 165 also done ^.^.

I think the eiji releases will start around tuesday, tomorrow i'll be redrawing Eiji 101...but it has a ton of redraws so it'll take me a while. The 3 chapters after that don't have any redraws though, so they'll be pretty easy =).

Anyways, enjoy the chapters we released today!

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Yureka Chapter 164

And as promised, here's chapter 164 of Yureka. Chapter 165 will be out later tonight or tomorrow morning!


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Yureka Chapter 163

And here we are again, after a pretty long break finally some releases ~yay !!

I kinda did nothing while the World Cup was going on, and after my team lost in the finals i took another week off....but now it's time to start releasing some chapters again ^.^.
First off - a chapter of Yureka, another chapter should follow later today, and another one tomorrow. In the following couple of days I'll also release some Eiji chapters, but since Eiji's translator is really busy atm i won't be able to release it weekly for a while. I'll also get off my lazy ass and get the bonus chapter of HxB vol 5 done this week.

Anyways, enjoy chapter 163, and check in later today for 164!

Btw, I suggest you download the chapters to read em, since Mangatoshokan removed 70% of all series and turned to crap and now there's no online reader to read the chapters in HQ.

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