woensdag 21 maart 2012

A Book of Dreams Chapter 18

Chapter 18 is done and released! Grab it over at imangascans ^_^. If the proofing gets done you can expect chapter 19 next week =-)

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Yureka Chapter 203

And the next one is ready.


Chapter 203:
Download Link: Mediafire
Read Online: Batoto

woensdag 14 maart 2012

Yureka Chapter 202

First release in a while, yeah i know... Yureka found its way to my 'low priority' edit list, so it just kept laying around... sorry about that. Expect more chapters tomorrow, friday and saturday.

I've also got another announcement to make about A Book of Dreams. I've decided to move the project to a group i'm also active in, namely Imangascans.
It's still me doing the editing/scanning, and our beloved translators working on the project, but imangascans provides us with quality proofing and QC'ing, plus they have an IRC channel/DDL/Bots, which will be better for a project of this length. I hope you'll keep supporting us with ABOD too, we're in it for a long time to come!

Chapter 202:
Download Link: Mediafire
Read Online: Batoto

zaterdag 3 maart 2012

Volume Links

I'll try to get some volume links up for Yureka/A Book of Dreams, for the lazy ones among us who don't want to download alot of chapters link by link. It'll probably take me a while to get em all up, so give it some time.

A Book of Dreams:
- Volume 01 (Ch 01-07)
- Volume 02 (Ch 08-16)

- Volume 01-05
- Volume 06-10
- Volume 11-15
- Volume 16-20
- Volume 21-25
- Volume 26-31
- Volume 32-35