zondag 31 oktober 2010

Yureka Chapter 175

Well here it is after a long wait, a new chapter of Yureka. I'll just release 175 today, if you want some more chapter soon, be sure to motivate us by saying a simple thanks either here or at the mangafox forums, i'm sure it'll help alot ^^


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zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Yureka Chapter 174

And here's the next one, chapter 174 done!

The chapter took me a bit longer than expected, mostly because there was this awesome double-page in it that i wanted to redraw. I mean, when you see a dragon cut in half you wanna fix it right? ^^ But yeah...since manwha always has like 2-3cm of art missing, the redraw takes time. Anyways, I saved the dragon and it's in 1 piece again, so everything okay now! =p.

I could release 175 later today, or i could not, depends on whether i have the time or not (I've got Atori to TS for ims, and a new project to find fonts for too, so if i have left over time after that i'll start on 175!).


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